Friday, February 10, 2012

Around the League: Close Finishes

Some exciting finishes on Friday night:

Clippers 78 at Sixers 77
Chris Paul hit a jumper with Iguodala draped all over him to put the Clippers up one. It killed me to watch because Iggy was playing such good defense that he almost forced a turnover on the possession. Los Angeles trapped Lou Williams against the sideline with a double team preventing him from getting off a shot on the last possession. Paul finished with 24 points and 4 assists in the win.

Hawks 89 at Magic 87
This one went to overtime. Down 2, Jason Richardson got wrapped up by Zaza Pachulia on a drive. Pachulia argued for the foul to be on the floor, but Richardson got free throws anyway. He missed the second and Pachulia came up shooting free throws on the other end. He missed one as well and the Magic had a chance to tie or win. Unfortunately for Orlando, Richardson and Jameer Nelson could not connect on their three point attempts and the Hawks came up with the win. Josh Smith has 23 points and 19 rebounds while Dwight Howard went 18 and 18. 

Bucks 113 at Cavaliers 112
Another overtime game. Milwaukee ran a nice play at the end of regulation to try to win it. Shaun Livingston inbounded to Drew Gooden and then took a handoff from him while Gooden screened his man. As Livingston drove the lane, help came (Tristan Thompson completely sold out for a block) and he found Mbah a Moute for the bucket. Unfortunately this play probably needed 5 or so seconds to complete and they only had 3.7. Mbah a Moute didn't finish, but it mattered not, as the clock had run out.

Gooden came up big in overtime scoring 6 points and taking a charge on Daniel Gibson's attempt to tie the game (his feet were on the restricted arc, but who's counting). Alonzo Gee would hit a 3 pointer as time expired. Alas, the Cavs were down 4 and the Bucks survived. 

Pacers 92 at Grizzlies 98
This one was much closer than the final score indicates. It was a back and forth contest and the Pacers cut the lead down to 3 with 21 seconds left on a Danny Granger three pointer with Tony Allen in his face. O.J. Mayo hit 3 of 4 free throws in the final 20 seconds to keep the game on Memphis' side. 

Lakers 85 at Knicks 92
This game wasn't actually that close, but Jeremy Lin did something mean to the Lakers. 

If all this great NBA action is getting you excited, just take a deep breath and remember that the Bobcats scored 64 points on 90 possessions tonight. 

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