Thursday, February 2, 2012

The 2012 All Stars: East

The NBA All Star starters will be announced tonight at 7pm on TNT. I went ahead and decided to pick what my All Star team would look like. We'll start with the Eastern Conference. Go here for the West.

Eastern Conference

C- Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic
Even in a season in which some have speculated he might not be completely "dialed in," Howard is still putting on a show. He is still the best rebounding center, leading the position in total and defensive rebound rate. He's also scoring better than a point every 2 minutes with a 59.4 true shooting percentage. Also, he's still dominating the middle defensively, posting better than 2 blocks and 1 steal per game. The hometown hero should start this game and fans might want to take a long last look because it is likely he's gone soon after February 26th.

PF- Ryan Anderson, Orlando Magic
I know, it's weird. But the thing is, he's been really good. He leads East power forwards in PER, shoots 42 percent from three, and doesn't turn it over. Ever. Only 3.34 percent of his possessions end with a turnover. Granted his assist rate is low, but when your 4 can light it up from behind the arc without ever creating possessions for the other team, that's pretty good.

SF- LeBron James, Miami Heat
This was pretty much the easiest decision I've ever made and one time I decided not to pay money to see "You, Me, and Dupree." Dominant is the best way to describe it. He is off to an insane start with a 33.51 PER. His raw stats, 29/8/7, are pretty good too. Any way you decide to look at it, James is not only a mortal lock for this team, but the heavy favorite for MVP.

SG- Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat
There were a few players I penalized for missing games and Wade probably should have been one of them. The problem is, the East doesn't have that many great shooting guards. Wade has cut down on his three point attempts and is instead dishing the ball more than last year. He also is a good rebounder for the position as he is second among shooting guards in offensive rebound rate. 

PG- Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls
No surprise here either. Rose has a 2.47 assist rate to turnover rate ratio and a 56.6 true shooting percentage. Put it all together and you have a guard who can get to the rim and score (23 points per game) or create a look for a teammate (8 assists per game). 

Bench- Greg Monroe, Detroit Pistons
Monroe rebounds well and has lived up to his promise as a gifted post passer. He is the bright spot in Detroit and I hope people don't overlook his performance based on his team's lousy play thus far.

Bench- Chris Bosh, Miami Heat
Very close to beating out Ryan Anderson for the starting spot, but hasn't rebounded as well as him. Still, he's a 20 point scorer and shoots 52.5 percent from the field.

Bench- Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks
Missed a few games, but not enough to keep him from being the scoring machine that he is. He also beat out Paul Pierce because of rebounding, but it was close for me.

Bench- Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers
Yes, he's been that good. He shoots 51.1/41.1/82.1 in percentages. His TS% for point guards only trails Nash, Paul, Mo Williams, and Mario Chalmers. That's nice company. Also, he's pretty much keeping Cleveland relevant as a rookie. Impressive stuff.

Bench- Lou Williams, Philadelphia 76ers
It is weird that a person who doesn't start for his own team would make the All Star game. But Williams has been the best sixth man so far and deserves recognition. He has the absolute lowest turnover rate among point guards and is a top 12 offensive rebounder. Rondo missed too many games and Jennings just came up short in comparison. I doubt this one actually happens, though.

Bench- Andrea Bargnani, Toronto Raptors
He's one dimensional, but man can he score. He averages 23.5 per game on a 57.6 true shooting percentage. He also is getting to the line more than ever and drains 84 percent. 

Bench- Andre Iguodala, Philadelphia 76ers
He doesn't score as much as Anthony or Paul Pierce (who just missed the cut), but he rebounds better than Pierce and has the highest assist rate for a small forward. Factoring in his phenomenal defensive performance in the first half and he gets the last spot. 

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