Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yeah, I Guess...

So I was on the Orlando Sentinel website when I came across this article written by someone named Brian Schmitz. In it, he suggests that if people cheer louder the team will play better or something. I think that's a silly hypothesis and so in remembrance of one of my favorite websites, Fire Joe Morgan, I decided to reflect.

Here's an idea: Fat Guy, fans start next game on your feet

It’s not a new tradition, but some teams’ fans start games standing on their feet, only sitting after the home team scores.

I liked it when the Lakers bench did the foot tap thing from Major League, but this is cool too.
Now I realize Magic fans might risk suffering from corns and bunions by the time the cold-shooting Magic find the basket during this slump.
But why not pump up the struggling Magic right out of the box Wednesday night against the Wizards?
Give them a standing ovation at tip-off.
The Magic indeed are slumping as they've lost their last four and shot 39 percent in those games. A bunch of people standing in a building is probably not the actual way to fix this, but whatever.
Let loose.
Occupy Amway Center.
Go crazy.
Prince is the man.
Treat it as a playoff game.
Even though it definitely isn't and making the playoffs in this year's East is going to take, like, 12 wins. 
The Magic are having troubling summoning energy, so provide some for them in this marathon schedule.
Wouldn't a marathon schedule be really long and drawn out instead of compacted like this 66 games in 4 months thing?
Leave the wine bar and get to your seat before tip-off.
Hold up, they have a wine bar?! No wonder Tiger hangs out there all the time.
Act like Duke fans, the Cameron Crazies.
I went to Duke. This is fine by me. 
Yell, stomp your feet, applaud, razz the Wizards, impact the game.
Yeah, yell at Andray Blatche about his 11.62 PER. Or don't. He probably doesn't know what that means.
Bring back the wave.
This will certainly make Larry Hughes get a rebound and encourage Chris Duhon to stop turning it over all the time.
Fat Guy, start taking some laps before the first whistle blows. Bring along an oxygen tank if need be.
The players can’t help but give more effort when fans are behind them and the atmosphere changes.
Sound corny? Sure.
Because it is. Crowd energy is cool, but I feel like if the Amway Center were completely empty the Magic would still be a team dead last in free throw percentage that can't cause turnovers. 
But don’t the Magic need your help? Millionares are people, too. Sometimes, I’m not sure they totally feel the love. Dwight Howard has said as much.
Don’t let the piped-in, ear-shattering music do all the work.
Number one, [sic] on "millionares." Also, if your goal is to have more noise, then I would definitely let the piped-in music do the work. After all, it's a machine designed specifically to create noise.
The Magic need some positive vibes as a sea of negativity laps at their chins.
Don't get the "at their chins" part.
Forget about the Dwight Howard Drama for a night.
Yeah, because, let's face it, that dude is gone.
Hey, I’m on board here, and I can be a harsh critic. (I’m sure you’ll be reminded in the comments below).
Get the place rockin’.
Motivate the Magic.
Isn’t this what Tim Tebow would do?
Crazy awesome non sequitur, but do we really want to reference an extremely mediocre sports person in an article talking about how other sports people need to do sports better?

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