Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Will Derrick Favors Ever Assist Somebody?

Derrick Favors has played in 15 games and totaled 284 minutes this season. That's almost six full games. Despite this, he has only recorded 2 assists. Two! Like the number of minutes it took me to look up that fact. Ricky Rubio averages more assists in one quarter (emphasis mine).

Here is a quick list of a few people who have more assists than Favors:
-Andris Biedrins
-Ivan Johnson
-Jerry Stackhouse! (in only 31 minutes)
-Joel Anthony (who can barely catch a basketball to begin with)
-Michael Redd (who broke 8 bones and tore a ligament in the process, kidding of course)
-Some guy named Julyan Stone (who did it in 7 minutes)

So to my good friend Derrick Favors: pass the ball once and a while.

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