Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mavericks at Jazz: Quick Thoughts

This one will be short, but this Mavs/Jazz game has been good.

1. Jet is a chucker: At this point 2-12. And I couldn't hate his transition 3's any more than I do right now.

2. Short guys are scrappy: I think 6-foot Earl Watson smacking the ball out of 7-foot Dirk's hands was a nice way to fire up his team. But also super hilarious. Further, Roddy Beaubois tried to throw it down pretty hard in the lane. Dude didn't even get within like a foot of the rim. Calm down mon ami.

3. Favors is a hothead: Clearly he was a little irked that Dirk smacked the ball from his hands. But was it really worth getting ejected because you set a moving screen? No, no it wasn't. Take a page from Bynum's book and at least forearm check somebody if you're going to get thrown out.

Update: So in my piece about the Jazz, I wrote about how the didn't allow their opponents to get shots at the rim. After a heartbreaking loss to the defending champs it's clear why they lost. The Mavericks had 16 attempts at the rim, which is less than the Jazz usually allow, but they connected on 15 of those. Protecting the rim area had been a strength in Utah, but when Roddy Beaubois' botched dunk is the only shot around the basket your opponent misses, you're in for a rough time.

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