Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brighten the Corners

Last night I watched the end of the Blazers/Jazz game and saw Nic Batum hit 3 three pointers from the corner. This made me think about not only who are the best three point shooters, but who hits best from the corner spots. As it turns out, this isn't as easy to figure as I thought. NBA Statscube has zone shooting numbers for players, but there is no way to sort through a list. Hoopdata has shot locations, but doesn't specify for three point locations. So I had to go about it alone.

First, I set some cutoffs. I only considered players with 60 or more attempts (because Batum was my strating point and he has 65) and who shot at least 40 percent. This actually meant Batum, at 38.5 percent, was ineligible. Still, I figured this gave a good starting point to find people who are actually proficient and prolific at hitting threes. From there I'd find the best corner shooters from Statscube and have my list.

Here are the top 5:

1. J.J. Redick- SG Orlando Magic
So basically leaving Redick open in the corner is a death wish. He hits 71 percent there compared to his overall 42 percent.

2. Ray Allen- SG Boston Celtics
Did you expect anybody else? He shoots 68 percent from the corner. Get this, though: he's 57 percent from three on the season right now!

3. Matt Bonner- PF San Antonio Spurs
A spot-up specialist, Bonner nails 58 percent from the corners.

4. Ryan Anderson- PF Orlando Magic
The next two guys are actually tied at 53 percent, but I gave Anderson the edge because he has made 19 of his 36 attempts from the corner spot.

5. Daniel Gibson- SG Cleveland Cavaliers
Also shoots 53 percent, but has only attempted 15.

Honorable Mention: Richard Jefferson- SF San Antonio Spurs
Jefferson missed the cut at 50 percent, which is still a crazy percentage from three. He gets a mention, though, for sheer volume. Jefferson has hit 30 of his 60 attempts, the most made and attempted of anybody that I looked at.

Not So Honorable Mention: Hedo Turkoglu- SF Orlando Magic
Turkoglu was last of the 14 players who qualified at 32 percent, which is well below his season mark of 43 percent. If Turk catches it in the corner, go ahead and let him chuck it.

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